COVID-19 Protocols

Mile High Tech Solutions/Denver Help Desk/Stapleton Help Desk Protocol for COVID-19

10/21/2020 (updated)

As we find ourselves in a very unique situation in time, we must also find safe ways to provide the IT support needed so that clients can continue to be as productive as possible, while doing everything in our control to keep you and yours/us and ours safe and healthy. Below, please find our current protocols for providing support to you and your employees. As most of the kids are home now as well, we may be able to provide support where needed for the technology for in-home classes and schooling.

Thank you in advance for your understanding what we need to do to be good community members for our workplace, and also minimize any risk to you, to us, and to all of our families. That said, if you or any of your family/friends with whom you have been in contact are ill or symptomatic, we ask that you simply stay home and stay safe.

Current Protocol:

  • Until further notice, all visits to client sites, offices, homes, etc. are suspended. On-site emergencies will be reviewed case by case.

  • Any and all support needed will be provided remotely if possible, or at the Battery 621 building, located at 621 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204. The building is cleaned and all surface areas are sanitized M-W-F.

  • All services are provided by appointment only.

  • Upon arrival, please text or call your appointment contact and they will meet you at the front door (North door).

  • Please wear a mask. If you do not have one, please let us know prior and we may be able to procure one for you.

  • You can choose to either leave your equipment outside and we will bring them in, or you can bring them in yourself. Please do not leave your machines outside without prior discussion followed by visual confirmation through the glass door that your appointment contact is there to receive your equipment. Please do not bring any laptop bags, keyboards, mice, etc… Just the machine(s) and power supply. Doors may not be propped open to transport equipment.

  • Either way, all surfaces of your equipment will be disinfected upon arrival, so please make sure that you have saved any open documents and that they are fully powered down. Obviously, it is not prudent to spray disinfectant or use wipes on a running machine so we will perform a manual shut-down of any machines that are still powered on, even if in sleep mode. If they are “sleeping” everything will be force-closed and there is a risk of losing any open documents.

  • If you choose to bring them in, we will ask you to place them in a designated spot and then ask you to make a beeline for the sink to wash your hands, please feel free to do so often.

  • Please fervently practice social distancing while in the building.

  • After about 10 minutes of sanitizing, we will begin assessing the situation.

  • If you choose to stick around for that, there is a sitting area for you and we will communicate the situation to you from a safe distance.

  • If you leave, we will call you to go over the assessment and recommended next steps.

  • We will then perform needed services per your request.

  • The return of the machine(s) looks pretty much like the drop-off, but in reverse. We will sanitize the machine and either leave it on a table for you to grab or outside the front door for you to grab-and-go.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions on anything and, again, thank you for your help in making all of this work during this unique time.